Meet The Entrepreneur Who Is Redefining Self-Help to Self-Investment

Meha Agrawal

Meha Agrawal

Co-Founder and CEO of SILK + SONDER


As one of the earliest employees at both The Muse and Stitch Fix, Meha Agrawal has seen firsthand how hard startups are. The hours can be long, employees usually wear multiple hats, and the future is unpredictable. Luckily for us, none of that stopped this former software engineer from starting her company SILK + SONDER in 2017. Every month, the S+S team of productivity, design, and content experts creates a new themed notebook. Once they're filled end to end with bullet journal-inspired planning frameworks and lifestyle content, they're delivered straight to doorsteps across the nation. IGC HQ is obsessed with their gorgeous layouts and new monthly stories and poems — and if you're looking for an excuse to (re)start a resolution, S+S planners are the perfect clean slate to look forward to every month!

Starting SILK + SONDER:

My co-founder and I started SILK + SONDER in an attempt to help ourselves - we both had experienced the classic cases of imposter syndrome, anxiety / exhaustion, fear of failure, and over-perfectionism. We'd tried annual planners, traditional journals, and blank grid-dot notebooks, but we weren't disciplined enough to apply all those complicated frameworks we had learned about from books and thought leaders, nor were we creative enough to execute on "bullet journal" spreads. We realized that people don't fit into cookie cutter molds so we wanted to create SILK + SONDER, a hybrid of productivity / planning, introspection / mindfulness, and lifestyle content to empower people to live more authentic, meaningful lives!



Meeting Her Co-Founder:

Joe and I met through a mutual best friend many years ago. We were tinkering with another idea before SILK + SONDER and that’s when we truly realized that we make excellent partners. We feed off of each other’s energy, enjoy similar things, but also have enough complementary skills to make the wheels go round.


Favorite Part About Entrepreneurship:

So many things! But my favorite is being able to build a product and company that feels like an authentic extension of myself. I get to hire the right people for the culture that I want to build, work on my own terms, and remain creative and insightful along the way. There’s something so liberating and rewarding in not only being your own boss, but also getting to see the impact your work has had with your team and for your users.



Harder Than Expected: All The Decisions

As an entrepreneur, you’re faced with a million decisions a day. Prioritizing the most important things is the most challenging, since no one can make that decision for you.


Advice to Younger Self:

Don’t seek external validation—figure out who you are, own it, and run with it.  


Favorite App: Shapr

My favorite app right now is Shapr. It’s a networking app, built kind of like a dating app—but the people you get to meet from it are incredible!


SILK + SONDER’s Future:

I’m most excited to personalize the SILK + SONDER experience, whichever direction that may be. Maybe we stick to monthly planners and journals, but fine-tune them so that yours functions differently than your friends’. Or maybe we morph into a larger subscription service centered around wellness, authenticity, and productivity that goes beyond pen and paper. Either way, I can’t wait until it’s an even more meaningful, individualized opportunity for us to help elevate one’s dreams, sense of self, and aspirations.


Founder She Admires Most:

It’s a toss-up between Audrey Gelman of The Wing and Katrina Lake of Stitch Fix. I love that Audrey created a physical space for women to crush it on their own and come together as a community—I couldn’t be more grateful to be a member of The Wing. I admire Katrina for so many reasons - she built her empire by being extremely customer-centric, innovative, and honest. In Beyonce’s words, both women are DIVAS (female version of a hustler.) In less than 2 years, Audrey has expanded The Wing to numerous locations to accommodate her 10,000+ members waitlist; and in 7 years, Katrina launched Stitch Fix, maintained profitability, graduated business school, got married, had a baby, and took her company public. If that’s not #goals, I’m not sure what is.

Later this month, Meha Agrawal will be doing a live Q&A with the IGC community. Apply to join us today!

Caitlin Tran